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    Batman Begins 2005

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    Batman Begins 2005

    Post by Bretteo on Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:13 pm

    Batman Begins is probably one of the best comic book movies out there to date. It has its flaws, but, it is still an awesome movie.

    The movie is essentially Batmanís origin story. It shows how his parents were killed, who killed them, how Bruce disappeared for numerous years and his eventual rise to becoming Batman. Many have said that this movie got its inspiration from different graphic novels (i.e. The Long Halloween and Batman: Year One). Granted they only took little snippets from the graphic novels, but, as a whole thatís better than just using the graphic novel and then claiming it as your own idea.

    Unlike other Batman films, this one actually brings the viewer outside of Gotham City. The movieís locales range from a Mongolian prison, to Raís Al Ghulís temple-like place, and then finally to Gotham. And, unlike other Batman films, this film has a titsy sword fight between Christian Bale and Liam Neeson whilst on top of ice.

    The casting for the movie is perfect, even though some of the cast is underutilized to the point that you forget that they were actually in the movie (i.e. Gary Oldman). Every character plays well off of each other, whether it be the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth to the Father/Son relationship/rivalry that goes on between Bale and Neeson. Itís even a delightful surprise to have Rutger Hauer (there is even a nice homage to Rutgerís Bladerunner Character at one pointÖthat is watching a man crush another manís skull with his hands) in the movie, even though his character is a bag of douche. Bale, in this movie rises, to another level of ass-kickery. He proves that you donít need superpowers to be bad ass.

    This movie also proves that Christopher Nolan is still a kick ass director. The movie keeps a pace that keeps the movie interesting and doesnít bore you to death. The best part is that he decided to make this movie realistic instead of a cartoonish movie that most comic book movies are now. And thatís how Batman should be since his character doesnít have powers in the first place.

    There are little flaws in the movie that take away some points. The major qualm that I have with this movie is that some of the actors are underutilized (which was stated before). The other qualm with this movie is that some of the fighting scenes are kind of hard to see. Itís like they tied a hand held to a string and started spinning it about.

    Final Synopsis: Overall, if you are a comic book geek then this movie is a must buy. All the elements are there to make a titsy movie. The direction is great and the cast alone make this movie, at the very least a rent.

    Points Lost: -1 For underutilizing some of the actors (mostly Gary Oldman). -1 For some weird camera work during the fight scenes.

    Lesson Learned: If you are driving a black car while in a high speed chase, just turn off your lights and the cops wonít see you.

    Burning Question: How long would if take to get that suit off if you had to sh*t?

    Batman Begins

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