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    I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

    Post by Bretteo on Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:11 pm

    Adam Sandler is of one the comedians that hit Hollywood running. Starting the launch of his brilliant career by releasing hilarious and overly crude audio CDs, he succeeded at bringing in and holding a target audience that followed him into his humorous big screen performances.

    Like most comedians, Adam seemed to putter out and fade away as he began releasing stink pile after stink pile. To be honest I had a hard time recollecting the last time Adam made me laugh during one of his movies. I say had, because he succeeded extraordinarily with Chuck and Larry.

    The funny Adam Sandler has finally returned to cinema. He hits his stride strongly by playing an insult spewing womanizer. Nearly every line Adam utters is a dig on another actor in the film. Loving insult comedies, this was more than I was expecting or prepared for. Ball-busting goodness.

    Even though Adam talks sh*t through the duration of the film, that does not mean it is entirely a winner. To make up for Kevin James' total lack of comedic presence the film often introduces over the top sight gags that are only moderately humorous. Kevin definitely falls far into the shadow of co-star Adam Sandler.

    What about Jessica Biel? The previews do no justice to her presence in the film. She is 'oh mah gawd' hot in this film. Be prepared for the bra and pantie scene to stretch on for roughly 10 minutes of booty jiggling beauty. I nearly had to go Paul Reuben and rub one out against the screen. But that isn't all. Since Biel plays the love interest of an over sexed womanizer, the film is full of close up shots of her bending over and wearing skin tight wet black leather (Catwoman costume that kills anything Michelle Pfieffer could ever have hoped to pull off even when she was below 100). The visuals of Biel alone are worth paying to see this one. Adam Sandler has now become the only man I wish I could be after having seen him fondle Biel multiple times.

    As with all of Sandler's movies you are treated to cameos of his comedic troupe and acting friends. Except for Kevin Nealon. Thank God they finally left him out of a picture. The cameos include the most charismatic dentist's wet dream, Steve Buscemi; David Spade; Rob Schnieder; John Farley (in Chris' place I am sure); and, of course, the most flamboyant and hilarious Nick Swardson who plays an anal stretcher of a role: a gay man. If you are fans of these actors you will not be let down by the roles they play since they all get ample screen time.

    Then comes Ving Rhames. I have been a fan of a lot of this man's past work and was surprised to see the role he accepted for this film. Though I have to admit it did make me laugh, I find it sad that I honestly do not believe he will ever live down the role. I am not going to ruin it, you just have to see it for yourself.

    Unfortunately, not all of the movie is funny. A little past the halfway mark, we get the Big Daddy treatment of the plot turning pseudo serious. Fortunately, it appears that past mistakes were learned upon and plenty of humor surrounds the theme of the movie: gay people are people (who sing naked in a shower full of other men showering, and dress like pixies and The Village People at parties) so stop the bashing. Really, it was a strange way to deliver a message. Let's play on every stereotype and gradually coax the audience into a position to remove their prejudice.

    Overall Impression: I laughed a lot during this movie. It is full of insult humor and crude low brow gags and one-liners. Definitely a film that tickles my funny bone with a pink feather while wearing a tiger striped speedo.

    Recommendation: If you like insult comedy and crude humor you will enjoy this movie, I have no doubt. If you are a homophobe, you will not only have a really tough time with this movie, but you need to stop visiting the city and just stay at home with your farm animals and continue causing their prolapsed rectums.

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