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    I make a LIVING off of THIS! Do YOU?



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    I make a LIVING off of THIS! Do YOU?

    Post by njtree on Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:35 am

    This is truly a machine where everyone makes money EVERY SINGLE DAY. I want to give you some information and lay it out for you in a way that will hopefully give you a clear and simple concept of the business, how it works, who started it and why. And most importantly, how you can benefit from it in the shortest possible time.

    ASD is not an investment but a business, and a very profitable one at that. It does not contain the normal things we think of as investments, such as stocks or shares, bonds, investment certificates or any similar things. It is not an ‘hyip’ (high-yield investment program) or get-rich-quick scheme, although people are certainly making a good living, paying their debts for the first time in years and even becoming wealthy with it. It is not a ponzi (it has been legally verfied and documented as a sound business) and is not an MLM (everyone makes money every day, not just the top guys earning off the new people coming in).

    ASD (Ad Surf Daily) is in practice a profit-sharing business whereby you are paid daily a percentage on every ad package you purchase, providing you have viewed others' websites that day.

    This is a business that I personally consider quite low-risk, easy to participate in, SUSTAINABLE and potentially very lucrative.

    ASD, Ad Cash Generator

    I have to tell you about this business that can make you some life-changing earnings, maybe for the first time in all your internet searches and attempts and no matter how many past failures or losses you have had.

    Please bear with me for a couple of minutes. This is important.

    This is the business that I have personally been waiting for since my last favorite program stopped working after paying well for 4 years. This ‘new’ one (already 18 months old) has the same level of integrity and caring as the old program but is organized much better for stability and sustainability. When I saw that, I knew I had found IT.

    In looking into this business, please do not prematurely confuse it with programs of the past that have had invisible ‘admins’, no physical address, no backup business structure, vague investments, cheap script websites, etc. This one is like apples and elephants in its differences. And it has the lowest risk factor for your funds that I have seen in a long time, maybe ever. It is not an investment and does not pretend to be. Yet in function, financial effectiveness and ease of participation, it acts like one.


    It has been around for 18 months and is paying well (payouts can be taken weekly or even daily with certain membership levels)

    Legally verified as solid (statement from their senior lawyer is on the website in video and written forms)

    Designed to PAY YOU and be sustainable (I am confident it will be around for YEARS)

    Owner is a competent, experienced, proven businessman (a 12 minute introductory video from the CEO gives a clear impression of the integrity and stability of this business)

    Involvement takes only 10-15 minutes per day of your time

    No recruitment is necessary to create significant gains (it has compound growth potential for amazing financial results - you can see your account grow daily)

    Referral commissions up to 10% on your first level and 5% on your second level if you are interested in building it as a business (not mandatory)

    I am confident that after a while you will WANT to tell people about this one, it is that solid. You can build it up over time and tell people about it confidently without fear of scam or disappearance. What a relief.

    Not a get-rich-quick scheme or ponzi but you can change your financial future with this.
    This is changing and saving my life, first time in over ten years I found something like this, easy, sustainable, legit and very very lucrative. It is MAJOR EXPLODING right now! I love to help others and want to help others change their lives and financial futures with this and YOU can!
    They also opened a new site Chinese golden panda. Please contact me for any info or questions or anything I can help you with, I am here for you always!
    thank you!



    Are you ready for the offer? ASDCashgenerator will provide you free membership in ASD and free advertising so that you can see why ASD is the fastest growing internet opportunity on the web today. There is no better way to prove to you that ASDCashgenerator is the most significant breakthrough on the World Wide Web today.

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    Re: I make a LIVING off of THIS! Do YOU?

    Post by Bretteo on Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:20 pm

    Spam* locked

    protected URl so i wouldnt trust this

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